Nourish The People

Phillip Cave
4 min readJan 8, 2021

I do not condone the actions of the humans who stormed the U.S Capitol. Neither do I condemn them.

We must learn to develop an ability to wonder beyond the unconscious, automatic judgements we are so easy to blabber about.

We must rise above automatic unconscious condemnation.

Discernment, anyone?

Discern — to separate apart, to tease apart, to ponder the distinctions at play.

I wonder … Why did those humans operate in the way they did? Where did they learn to do that? Why would they bother to operate that way? What catalyzed them to operate that way?

I wonder… How did the current systemic body called the “U.S.” contribute to their behavior? Might it be all of us that catalyzed them?

I wonder… How are the very senators and representatives that condemn and label the rioters also responsible for the very conditions that created those events?

I wonder… How are you and me also responsible for the current conditions that exist in not only the U.S., but the planet?

If you think that the systemic energetic body (all of us) did not play a part in what occurred, think again. If you think you did not play a part sitting in your comfortable chair, think again.

Instead of automatically (blindly) judging… try discerning and wonder how we all contribute to the storming of the capitol… any capitol in any country.

We all “stormed” the capitol.

We did so when we refused to stand up for the dishonoring of Life. We did so when we refused to call out a bully and allowed him to take office. We did so when we overburden the people with control. We did so when we perpetuate disparity of an invented construct called “wealth”. We did so when we allow another construct called “religion” to judge instead of wonder.

It speaks to a brokenness in the collective human system and the collective body politic of humans. Including the energetic field of insurrection born into any nation state. Lest we forget, the country that calls itself the USA rose from insurrection.

Of course the humans that stormed the capitol operated the way they operated… they were trained to operate that way. By you, the collective human consciousness. Your family, education, political, and religion systems that you perpetuate into your society.

Consider we have a collective blindness to our reality. Our refusal to honor the humans that were already in the land, our refusal to atone for slavery, our refusal to honor nature and Life, our insistence for “law and order” at the expense of the natural order already present in Life.

Governments operate best when they are afraid of the people. Insurrection is a voice of… “whatever you are doing or permitting is not working”.

Some discernment from the Tao is useful:

“Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts, and the world will govern itself. The more prohibitions you have, the less virtuous people will be. The more weapons you have, the less secure people will be. The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people will be. Therefore, the best leader (government) says: I let go of the law, and people become honest. I let go of economics, and people become prosperous. I let go of religion, and people become serene. I let go of all desire for the common good, and the good becomes common as grass.” “Governing a large country is like frying a small fish. You spoil it with too much poking. Center your country in wisdom and evil will have no power. Not that it isn’t there, but you’ll be able to step out of its way. Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself.” “If a nation centers itself in wisdom, if it nourishes its own people and doesn’t meddle in the affairs of others, it will be a light to all nations in the world.”

Might it be we “meddle” too much?

Might it be we “poke” too much?

Might it be we “prohibit” too much?

Might it be we “weapon” too much?

Might it be we “control” too much?

Might it be we “religion” too much?

Might we have an overreliance on a construct called “money” and too much faith in “economics”?

Why do we allow a bully to lead (anything)? Why do we tolerate a bully once in “power”? Why do we hide behind “laws” instead of taking decisive action based in the natural law of Life?

Why do we meddle (laws, taxes, rules, borders, money) instead of stepping out of the way to allow and create an environment for thriving to occur? Zero chance of losing your domicile. Zero chance of going hungry. Zero shitty environments called slums.

For any of you leaders in the world and in business … instead of focusing on condemnation, focus on how you contributed to the events at hand and then wonder how you meddle too much in your need to control. And then transform control into co-creating and catalyzing environments where all of Life thrives.

If you don’t think you cause any event of any suffering, think again. And then wonder how you are called to let go of any construct that impedes the flow of Life.

Start with reflecting on how you contribute to every action in every environment you occupy.

Rise above your condemnation.

Nourish the people.

Nourish Life.